From Basic to Expert level

The training of a modern control engineer is as comprehensive as his future working environment.

GUNT offers a variety of practical training exercises. Depending on knowledge and level of training, there are teaching exercises for beginners up to complex systems with a variety of control loops.

Simple, quickly understandable controlled system models with extensive software functions.

Our RT0X0 series introduces you and your students to the topic of control engineering.

Systems in which only one variable is controlled are ideally suited to introduce students to the subject matter.

When the basics have already been learned, students can deepen their practical skills with our advanced level series.

Much emphasis was placed on the use of industrial components in the development of these control systems. This enhances the practical relevance and industrial applicability of these systems.

This this industry 4.0 compact.

Normally, multiple variables need to be controlled in industrial production processes. For this purpose RT 590 includes four control loops in one device. Again, we only use real, industrial components to ensure a high practical relevance.

If you would like to go even deeper into the field of control engineering, we also offer individual training plants which prepare your students ideally for future work in industry.

Of course, theory must be taught before practice.

We offer you and your students a complete and free online course on the basics of control engineering.